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How to work with a Graphic Designer

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Having good Graphic Design can really set you up for success. But how do you attain this? And how can you be certain that you’re getting everything you need? The first step is to hire a professional team like Blue Carbon Design! Next, here are some tips for working with a Graphic Designer to make the process easy as 1.2.3!


  1. Knowing what you need

  2. Gathering information

  3. Proofing and finalizing

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Knowing what you need

Great Design not only looks good, it’s also intentional.

You may have a good idea of what you need, but the best part about hiring any experienced graphic designer, such as Blue Carbon Design, is that they can read an audience and understand how to sell any product; including yours.

At Blue Carbon Design you can expect us to consult and guide in not only understanding what you need, but also how to expand upon it and make it more appealing to your customers. You need a logo, but have you considered a full brand book? You need a website, but have you considered also promoting yourself on social media and Google AdWords? Good and intentional Design sells.

Or perhaps you know what you want. A style to be consistent across your brand and website? Or maybe to gain a larger audience through a marketing campaign? Your designer at Blue Carbon Design will be happy to help you concentrate your wants into a direct course of action that produces real world results!

Our goal at Blue Carbon Design is to aid our clients in not only understanding their audience, but also to make educated marketing and design decisions.

Gathering your information

When working with Blue Carbon Design you can expect us to not only create pretty graphics but to research your market to see what's selling. We also need some information from you!

Don’t know where to start? Fill out a creative brief, this will help us better understand your audience and will also direct the design aesthetics in a way that you’ll love! Creating a brief will also help you think longer and harder about your brand / product, and will ultimately help your designer better understand you.

Don't have a creative brief? Fill out this one!

Creative Brief Template
Download DOCX • 7KB

Do you think visually and have a specific style you’d like to see? Why not collect imagery on a pinterest board or save some images off of google to hand off to your Graphic Designer? While we will NEVER copy what you’ve sent us (you don’t want copyright infringement issues), we can glean from the inspiration you send us. We will also learn about what distinct design attributes you like and apply them to your future designs.

If you are needing a text heavy or image specific designed product (like a flyer or webpage) it’s helpful to collect the copy and your photos at the start of the project. This ensures that the finished product is completely cohesive and drives towards the same point. While designers can use dummy text, design is a lot more streamlined when we have all the pieces from the start. And this saves time of having to redesign the layout when there’s way more text than anticipated.

At Blue Carbon Design we will not only take all the information you’ve collected on your product, but we also will do extensive research and ask intentional questions so that we can better understand you and your needs!

Proofing and Finalizing

Proofing: You’ve received the first draft of your design, but it isn’t exactly there yet… that’s totally okay, and is actually expected. Design is trial and error. This is the time for you to come in and offer some feedback.

Don’t forget, there is a difference between criticism and a critique. Criticism is where you say something vague like “I don’t like it” or “this isn’t what I wanted” with no actual direction.

A critique is constructive criticism, like “I like this color scheme in option A, and the pattern in option B” Or “I like the organic shapes in option B but not the geometry in opt C.”

Even if you don’t quite know how to articulate it perfectly, anything constructive is welcome and helpful! We’ll gladly make corrections to get your perfect design.

Finalizing: You’ve gone through a couple drafts and you’re really excited and happy with how it looks! So where do we go from here?

Just let your designer know you are happy and ready to move on with completing the project! That can be ordering prints or your finished flyer, receiving the guidelines for your new brand booklet, or publishing your website!

From there your designer will likely offer you continued services, such as advertising your site on your social media, or sending the advertisement to the paper. If you have any questions about the process or requests for more projects this is a great time as well!


Working with a Graphic Designer, such as Blue Carbon Design, can be the most fun and rewarding part of your business. These tips will make the process easier for both you and your designer.

When you work with Blue Carbon Design we do all we can to learn about what you need for your business. So when you’re excited and happy with the first project, we know you’ll be even more excited about your next projects because we never stop learning about you!

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