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Your vision, your brand, our brains: Working together to meet your needs.

Constantly improving through innovation

constantly improving

Every design goes through a creative windstorm of ideas and formulas before it is honed into its final form. From inception to completion, we work with you to achieve the best potential end product for you.

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customized for you

We are chameleons when it comes to design. We adapt to the needs of your project and brands.

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Our ultimate goal is to make collateral that is out of this world!

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Two dudes doing design stuff.

What happens when creativity meets skill and determination?


Blue Carbon happens.  World class workers with a deep knowledge base in marketing and design. All of the tools to make your dreams come true.


Well, marketing dreams anyway.


Passionate, relaxed, and easy to work with are the best ways to describe Blue Carbon Design. We love this stuff. 

Our TEAM'S Values

Our skills

We are always striving to perfect our craft. Every day is an opportunity to improve. Our clients rely on us to be ahead of the curve and on top of our game. We are dedicated to mastering and expanding our skills.

Nice to meet you.

The Creative team

Our designers have been traditionally trained in all aspects of print design and have carried those skills over to other facets of the agency.

have a project you want to launch? let’s take it to the moon!

Hemza Elkhateeb


I'm a graphic designer living in Kansas City , and I've always had a passion for creatively solving problems within the realm of design. I've had the pleasure of working with businesses within my area, which has provided me with a platform to construct and create solutions to the obstacles many face in trying to improve the experiences of their customers. I have designed websites, logos, brochures, posters, and more. I am also a skeptical, coffee drinking video game fanatic.


I simply love making beautiful things.

I'm an artist at heart and have been studying and practicing design for over a decade. I have a degree in graphic design and am certified in User Experience (UX) Design. I love what I do and I do what I love. Outside of design, I love spending time with my wife and baby daughter. 


I am always thinking of the next solution.

Creative director

Conor Grier

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